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** Attributes of Shrī Parashūrām **

‘Agratah chaturovedah prushthatah sasharam dhanuh I

Idam braahmam idam kshatram shaapadapi sharaasdapi II’

- Knows four veds by heart, means has full knowledge of them. Has arrows and bow on the back, means has valour; which also means has both, radiance of Brahma and of Kshatriya. Shrī Parashūrām will defeat anyone that opposes him, either by a curse or by shooting an arrow.

• Passing on Divine radiance (tēj) to Shrī Ram : When Shrī Parashūrām came to know about Shrī Ram's glory, he decided to test Shrī Ram's bravery. He confronted Shrī Ram on His way, gave his bow to Him and asked Him to bend it. He also asked him for a target to shoot the arrow at. Shrī Ram obeyed him. Also as told by Shrī Parashūrām, Shrī Ram controlled Shrī Parashūrām's movement on this (Kashyapi) land. Shrī Parashūrām was pleased with this and presented his bow to Shrī Ram. In this way, Shrī Parashūrām passed on his Kshātra (fighting spirit) radiance to Shrī Ram.

• The best instructor / teacher of archery : After laying down his arms, Shrī Parashūrām gave up his animosity towards Kshatriyas and started teaching art of weaponry to both Brahmins and Kshatriyas all alike. The great warriors of Mahābhārat, Bhishmacharya, Dronacharya, Karna, etc. were disciples of Shrī Parashūrām.

• Munificent / extremely generous : Shrī Parashūrām undertook many campaigns for killing Kshatriyas, due to which he became the king of the entire Earth. He was then entitled to perform the Ashvamedh sacrificial fire (yadnya), which he performed. At the end of the yadnya, he donated the entire land to Kashyap, the presiding priest of the yadnya.

• Creating new land : Kashyap realised that as long as Shrī Parashūrām is living on this land, the Kshatriyas will not prosper here. So he told Shrī Parashūrām 'Now I have authority over this land. You have no right to even stay here.' Shrī Parashūrām then pushed and shifted the sea backwards and created his own place / terrain. The land between Vaitarana and Kanyakumari (coastal places in South India) is known as 'the land of Shrī Parashūrām' (Shrī Parashūrām-kshetra).

• Immortality : Shrī Parashūrām is one of the seven persons who are considered as immortal (sapta-chiranjeev).

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