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[ 'PANCHA' - Five, 'VATI' - Trees]
This combination of trees was mentioned in "The Ramayana". When Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana took on to the 14 years of 'Vanavasa', halt a night at Muni Bharadwaja Ashram. Then he advised Rama to find a place where all these five trees exist together to make a place to live. So as per his suggestion they later make a 'Parnashala' amidst these trees. So where ever all these five exist together, Rama too resides there.

Breeze from these trees -Gives out more oxygen.
-Very Cool
-All have medicinal values
-Brings good health
Powerful vibrations -Wards off evil forces
-Gives right way of thinking
-Clarity of thought
Fruit bearing -So naturally attracts many birds and other insects
S.No.Botanical name
Common name
1.Ficus bengalensisBanyan
2.Ficus religiosaPeepal
3.Ficus glomerataFig
4.Aegle marmelosBilva
5.Emblica officionalisAmla

1. Ficus bengalensis - Vata / Marri / Banyan
Tree Leaves with Figs
2. Ficus relegiosa : Ashwatha / Raavi / Peepal
3. Ficus racemosa : Oudumbara / Medi / Cluster Fig
Trunk with figRipe Figs
4. Saraca asoka : Sita asoka
5.Aegle marmelos : Bilva / Maredu