Tuesday, 3 May 2011

sun signs

Aries: march 21 - April 21
Dominant characteristics:

The person is very active, inventive & imaginative

He/she loves challenges & oppositions

Enjoys over- coming obstacles

Always ready to imbibe new concepts
Gets along with all kinds of people

Character Analysis::

Aries is a fiery positive sign symbolised by Ram. It is ruled by the planet Mars. They are noted for their energy and initiativeness. They are born leaders and they derive pleasure from overcoming difficulties which comes their way. They have special aptitude for taking responsibility and command, this makes them stand high above others. They are highly ambitious & they are capable of rising to the top. They become impatient if others do not keep up the same pace they are moving. The main defect of Aries is the rashness with which they act and the excessive self confidence they possess. This can even lead to their ruin. They do not learn from their past mistakes. They are splendid organisors and have the ability to foresee things. They do not follow any fixed schemes and plans. They like to follow their own intuitions. They are very popular with friends. They may go out of the way to save a friend from trouble. They are always ready to forgive a wrong done to them. But they may not forgive a wrong done to their friends. They like to fight straight. They do not use any tricks.

                                                                   Taurus :

April 21 - May 21

Dominating Characteristics :

Very helpful in nature.

Gets along easily with others.

Friends can always depend on them.

Perseverance is their motto

They give respect and take respect.

Character Analysis :

Taurus is an earthly sign ruled by Venus and symbolised by Bull. It is not surprising that they can be distinguished by their love of beauty and harmony in every aspect of life. They have very good imagination and spectacular powers supported by common sense. They are fond of hard work and they enjoy doing work to the core. Music is a fascination for them. They are capable of concentrating all their attention on a single aim and purpose. Their unyielding determination leads them to achieve their goals. They will fight for an injury done to them but they have no part in trickery, deception and underhand dealings. As soon as their enemy shows sign of collapse they instantly feel sorry for them. Taurians have great receptive power. They are good hosts and very successful socially. They always get followers but they should guard against being swayed by other peoples advice. They are often selected to take up responsibilities and they accept them even though it worries them. They are incapable to accept squalor and strife.

Gemini : May 21 - Jun 21

Analytical & capable of making quick decisions

Have the capacity to adapt to any circumstance.

Have ultra modern out look.

Quick to adapt innovations.

Always easy going and good humoured.

Character Analysis :

The star Gemini is symbolized by twin children the Castor and Pollux of Roman mythology. It is an airy sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. They are very intelligent. They can penetrate deep into the root of any matter and analyse them. They also display a dual character. At one time they are full of energy and enthusiasm, but before long a sudden change comes over them and they become cold and lethargic. In their relations with friends they are most undependable. Sometimes they insist that something is right when it is completely wrong. They imbibe things so fast that at times they miss out many important and critical details which are very essential. They are attracted to every thing that is modern. Old conventional ways bore them. They are always on the look out for new methods and ways of doing things. They are very clever in inventing things. A well developed Gemini possess artistic talent of high order


                                                              Jun 21-July21

Dominating Characteristics :

They have a deep sense of humanitarian values

They are very patient.

They stick firmly with the decisions taken.

They are home loving.

Unfamiliar surroundings upset them.

Character Analysis :

This star is a watery sign symbolized by the Crab. It is ruled by the moon. They are very sensitive, shy, hesitant, romantic and dreamy. They can be distinguished by their timid nature. Being very sensitive they take criticism to their heart. They become upset by a general comment made by someone. At the same time they respond with gratitude to appreciation. They do not tolerate interference in their affairs. They prefer to shoulder all the labour themselves and they work very hard. They do not open their heart to others. Jealousy makes them keep their worries to themselves. Cancerians are often dominated by fear of the future and old age. This makes them hoard money and become selfish. They are unsuccessful gamblers. It is only the hard working nature that compensates for all the draw backs in them.


                                                     July 21-August 21

Dominating Characteristics :

They are born leaders

They are good organizers and administrators

They have a lot of energy and strength

They derive happiness from making others happy

They value honesty and friendship

Character Analysis :

Leo is a positive fiery sign ruled by the sun. It is symbolized by the Lion. People born under this star are usually courageous, dignified and gifted with leadership qualities. They can be distinguished by their strong frame with broad shoulders and well developed muscles. Leo are direct and open in their expressions. They express opinions with clarity. Their convictions are fixed early in their life. They don't change or modify them later. Leos are loyal to their friends and never leave them in case they fall into trouble. Their affection and sympathy are worth mentioning. They are straight forward in their dealings. They detest treachery and double dealing. They are full of courage and fear don't touch them. No matter how angry they are, they fight in a fair way. Leos have great ambitions and they surmount difficulties with their magnetic strength. They may sacrifice anything to achieve what they long for. In money matters Leos are not usually gifted. Leos are always ready to share their wealth with others and they give money for charity.

Virgo August 21 - Sept 21

Dominating Characteristics :
They are good at planning and organizing.

They always aim for the top & are satisfied only when they reach it.

Perfectionist in things they do.

They are sensitive, observant & well informed.

They have keen interest in Arts.

Character Analysis :

This star is symbolized by the Virgin and ruled by the planet Mercury. The Virgo person believes in doing things precisely. He is not carried away by fantasies. People who are impractical irritates him. The Virgo believes in doing things positively, they are full of purpose and good will. Sincerity, zeal and enthusiasm mark their working habit. They have excellent critical abilities. They analyze any problem and come up with solutions. They are not fooled by superficialities. Any thing that is scientific, technological or practical arouses their interest. Art interests these people. Given a chance they become expert designers. They are great readers, any subject interest them. Basically Virgo is an uncomplicated person who view things clearly. They believe that appearance is important. Being neat is their basic nature and they dislike any thing untidy. Virgos like friends and colleagues to be as well informed as they are. They accurately points out the weakness and faults of others. In doing so they may be so blunt that it may earn them enemies. One should remember that Virgo is full of good will and they do not do this to harm. But if someone does them wrong they will never forget it. They do not become angry easily. If they beco

Libra Sept 21 - Oct 21

Dominating Characteristics :
They uphold high sense of Justice.

They keep an open mind.

Have a natural affinity to Arts.

Loyal & popular with friends.

They love entertaining guests.

Character Analysis :

Libra is an airy sign ruled by the planet Venus. This star is symbolized by the scale or balance. Justice and harmony are the key factors which govern them. They have the capability to compare and estimate facts and derive unbiased decisions. They detest injustice and cruelty and they always take the side of the wronged. They are gentle, courteous and affectionate in their speech. They seldom have problems attracting the opposite sex. They do not quarrel. They dislike monotony and love traveling. They are good home makers. They collect all things that are beautiful. A keen look, will show a fabulous collection in their house. They are very developed intellectually. We can always see a scholar in Libra. They always try to avoid unpleasantness. This makes them turn away from duties. If Libra is set in a congenial surrounding, a well balanced personality with a strong scientific or philosophic genius emerge doing good to the whole of humanity.

Scorpio Oct 21-Nov 21

Dominating Characteristics : They are good leaders.

They are not very easy to please. .

They always surprise others.

They are ever ready to accept something new.

They are calm & cool even in the midst of a commotion

Character Analysis :

This star is represented by Scorpion. It is a watery sign ruled by the planet Mars. They are powerfully magnetic, full of energy and full of intense emotions. Strong will power help them exert their will over other people. They are capable of shocking others by their dramatic and unexpected ways. They are seldom discouraged when their plans go wrong. They conceal their emotions. They are idealists and humanitarians in their heart. They are ever eager to defend and help the weak and the oppressed. They are naturally gifted with the ability to control. They give little value for convictions and they deliberately defy them. They are hard workers and they never get tired of doing a difficult job. The are gifted with ambition and nothing stands in their way of realising them. They plan calmly and over come obstacles with great coolness. In order to get things done they may even break all norms. They are greatly attracted to occult and mysticism. They are also very religious. In short they are people who are destined to make a mark in the world whatever they choose to do.

Sagittarius Nov 21- Dec 21

Dominating Characteristics :
They are broadminded and helpful.

They are admired and respected.

They love to exchange ideas.

They are ever ready to accept something new.

They are always practical in their approach to others.

Character Analysis :

Sagittarians symbolised by the Archer are known for their frankness, sincerity and optimism. They have a high sense of justice. They are very fond of giving advice. Their philanthropic nature makes them charitable. They are intense hard workers. They are sociable and popular among friends. They are exceptionally honest and hate deception and trickery. They like to follow conventions. They are always ready to shoulder responsibility. As they possess great strength of will, they like independence in having their affairs done in their own way. They are impulsive too. They take sudden decisions and change their occupation and interests in absolutely unexpected ways. They are deeply religious and follow their faith with great zeal and enthusiasm. They like change and even change their habits in life without any significant motive. They are well built and extremely fond of sports. They are most happy out doors.

Capricon Dec 21 - Jan 21

Dominating Characteristics :
They are stable, patient and dependable.

They aim and work for its accomplishment.

They are good at business.

Self control & self reliance are their specialties.

They always return a favour received.

Character Analysis :

The Capricorn symbolized by goat, an animal which delights in climbing the highest mountain and most precipitous rock. Hard work, fatigue and self denial are counted as nothing by them. At times they are reserved, secretive and tactical. They are unmoved by flattery and seldom express surprise. They are interested in everything under the sun from Philosophy to Archeology. They are methodical in every thing they do. They take all the pain in surmounting difficulties that comes in their way. If baulked of a position of authority and made to work under the domination of others, they become gloomy, morose and critical. They always long for moral and intellectual freedom. Typical Capriconians are not easily roused to anger but they are very slow to forgive if provoked. They have the tendency to keep in mind a wrong and wreak vengeance at the right time. They are inclined to be jealous and suspicious. As a whole they tend to rank among the noblest people of the human race.

Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 21

Dominating Characteristics :

They are honest and tolerant.

They respect other people's beliefs.

They always think ahead.

They keep their word.

They prefer doing things their own way.

character Analysis :

Aquarians symbolised by the water bearer, are generally idealistic, generous and humane. They are good judges of human nature. Though gifted with insight and intuition they do not depend upon this for formulating their opinions. Once they have formed their opinion they are unalterable. Aquarians are cheerful and popular among friends. They like to receive affection from others and in turn do every thing in their capability to be faithful. Aquarians are eager to welcome fresh and novel ideas. They refuse to take any thing on trust. They insist on seeing things demonstrated before accepting them. They often have fine talent and incipient genius inherent in them. In financial matters they are usually fortunate but it is a cause of worry for the rich and the poor alike. In the matter of religion they are deep believers but they have great respect for other religions too.

Pisces Feb 21 - Mar 21

Dominating Characteristics :
They believe that every one should help each other.

They are talented in music or Fine arts.

Their intuitive nature helps them solve others problems.

They face life with philosophical calmness.

They are broadminded, good natured and peace loving.

Character Analysis :

Pisces belong to the watery sign ruled by two planets Jupiter and Neptune. It is symbolised by two fishes in the opposite direction. They have dual nature. They often intend to do a thing but they end up doing the other. They are gifted with wide visionary powers and they are capable of conceiving grand schemes. When it comes to executing them they become timid and loose confidence. They are very romantic, kind hearted and emotional. They lack stability and will power. They need constant reminders and encouragement. Their vacillating nature makes them take up projects and abandon it later. Pisces are fond of comfort and quiet life. They find excuses for shrinking away from duties. They are very fond of children and animals. They are superstitious but if given a chance they turn out to be good psychic investigators and psychiatrists.